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Once the regional economies re-open, international airlines take back to the skies and travel , tourism and leisure business gets back on track. 

  • Bollywood Park will be opening its doors as a refreshed and robust destination. 

  • Eight new attractions and experiences will be launched to coincide with its re-opening 

  • The focus on enhanced visitor experience by amplifying Bollywood look, feel, and touch blended with Mumbai street buzz offering a more comprehensive and fulfilling experience to park visitors. 

Bollywood Parks Banner
Photo Illustration
Photo Illustration
Booth Illustration
Booth Illustration

dubai expo 2021

Meet the people and brands who are making our trade show possible. All of our exhibitors offer visitors education and insight into business practices and trends that are shaping the industry today. Take a look at a few of our exhibitors below, and We can also make it possible for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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